Tradition and Innovation

MFINITY is where ancient health secrets and modern science come together to create real results for real people - and where today’s hottest Influencer Marketing trends meet traditional network marketing, creating a hybrid business model that can outperform both!

What would help you to own your life? Better health? Improved finances? A supportive community committed to helping you achieve your goals? At MFINITY, we provide all this and more.

Our products help families create the foundation for long lasting Core Health. Our programs provide the support to transform lives. And our business plan creates an accelerated path to financial security.

A few things that make MFINITY unique...

  •  Fully integrated Influencer and Network marketing systems
  • The best antioxidant super-fruits and super-foods in every product we sell
  • Product ingredients backed by millions in ongoing clinical research
  • State-of-the-Art USA processing and bottling facilities
  • Vertically integrated quality control - from the farm to your front door
  • Exclusive MFIT fat loss program with thousands of lives transformed
  • Industry leading management team, each with decades of field experience

Keep scrolling to learn more about the History of Muscadine...

Where does Muscadine come from?

Hidden in plain sight, one of the world's most powerful superfoods...

Before the first European settlers stepped foot into the new world, a powerful superfood was already flourishing.

This powerful fruit has adapted to the dynamic winters, searing summers, and humidity of what is now the southeastern United States – one of the biologically harshest climates in the world.

Historically, Muscadine harvesting has been primarily focused on its juice, used in wine production. Ironically, this has relegated its nutritionally powerful skins and seeds to the compost heap – keeping these newly discovered health benefits hidden for hundreds of years.

Muscadine is a hearty fruit with thick skin and large seeds. It has 2 more chromosomes than table and wine grapes. This genetic difference gives it a natural resistance to mold, bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens, allowing it to be farmed with no harsh insecticides or herbicides.

Modern Research

Millions of dollars in clinical research continue to expand the known benefits of the Muscadine...

In 2010, Wake Forest University published the first human clinical trials yielding groundbreaking results surrounding blood flow and cardiac health.

By 2014, millions of dollars began to flow into expanded clinical research, including studying Muscadine’s broad spectrum antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and fat inhibiting properties.*

2015-2021, the evidence of Muscadine’s health benefits continues to grow. Research on the Muscadine has soared to over 130 published research papers and abstracts with new health benefits continuing to be discovered.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. MFINITY products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Mfinity does not offer medical advice or are any of its products intended to act as a substitute for any over the counter or prescription medicine.

The MFINITY Opportunity

The Muscadine provides a unique income opportunity for individuals looking to start a business...

A trend setting company steeped in tradition

In June 2021, Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Veteran, William Andreoli, set out to modernize the network marketing industry by combining his 30+ years of industry experience, a simple yet powerful product offering, along with a nimble business model that has set the stage for a company that can stay ahead of the curve in product efficacy, consumer value, and independent distributor opportunity. 

The power is in the product

Mfinity’s products revolve around one of the most powerful super-fruits in the world, the Muscadine, which is native to the southeastern US. Integrated as a powder or a cold-pressed oil, Muscadine has supercharged Mfinity’s products to the most powerful available, with ORAC values far beyond those of other super-foods.

Vertically integrated yet flexible sourcing

In our supply-chain sensitive world, we constantly balance our inventory on hand, ingredients at the ready, and product innovation. Our ingredients are simply the best available from the best sources in the world and bottled right here in the USA. Muscadine from the USA, Ginger and Turmeric from the South-Pacific with multiple sources for each. Flexible sourcing means greater reliability.

Influencer marketing: More than just a catchy name

For 2022, Mfinity launched the Mfluencer program, bringing social media influencers and network marketing together for the first time. True influencer marketing is more than just a catchy name. Social media influencers are not interested in complex network leveraged compensation systems – they want a system that not only provides an unbeatable value for their followers, but that provides powerful and simple compensation for them as well. Welcome to Mfluencer marketing!

Many organizations claim to have an Influencer marketing program, but when you compare them to Mfluencer Marketing, they all come up short! Mfluencer Marketing not only provides an unbeatable 50% discount to the customer, but it also provides a flat 50% revenue share directly to the influencer plus lifetime residuals and generational overrides!** Simply put, we have redefined both Influencer and Network Marketing with this revolutionary program. And today, influencers come in many different degrees. Whether you’re a Micro, Mid-Size, or Mega-Influencer, Mfluencer Marketing will work for you! There are no minimum requirements or maximum payouts!

**50% revenue share limited to certain products or product packages. Please see compensation guide for details.

Meet the Team

The health and success of our Customers and Ambassadors are the heart and soul behind everything we do at MFINITY. The time-honored values of honor, integrity, respect, hard work, joy, and celebration, permeate every aspect of our company. It's the way we do business and life.

Bill Andreoli


Bill's team-focused leadership style has grown many companies. As President of MFINITY, Bill leads the corporate team and an army of Independent Ambassadors to improve the health and financial prosperity of the world.

Mike Randolph

Executive VP

A 30-year veteran of the Network Marketing Industry, Mike has broad experience in the areas of leadership, training, and operations. He helps provide strategic support to the executive team and field leadership. 

Patti Gardner

VP Events & recognition

Patti is passionate about empowering others to work from home, without limits. She oversees the company’s sales and training programs as well as the production of company events.

Mike Casperson

VP Operations

Mike's 27-year involvement in direct-selling has helped many entrepreneurs thrive. His ability to improve processes and empower people are a great asset to MFINITY.

Brytt Cloward


Brytt loves starting-up and establishing successful businesses. At MFINITY he oversees the company’s marketing, promotional and branding strategies.

Marin Barney

Creative Director

Marin brings years of experience in effective design and company branding. Her skills ensure our design matches the unmatched quality of our products.

Mike Kolinski

VP Technology

Mike's first involvement in Network Marketing as a distributor taught him the importance of having a strong technology foundation. At MFINITY, he ensures that our ordering and commissions systems work like clockwork.

Meet the Experts

Our Advisor Team provides insight, education, and training to help improve the health and lifestyle of each of our customers and Ambassadors.

Owen McKibbin

MFIT coach, Cover model, trainer, fitness veteran

Owen is one of the most credible and recognizable personalities in the health and fitness world. Owen’s exclusive “Zone Progression Training” is the breakthrough fitness solution to get you strong, lean, and ripped for life. Owen coaches the MFIT Challenge and has helped thousands of individuals lose weight, get fit, and live healthy. 

Kristy Kaminski

MFIT Coach, FORD Model, Trainer, Fitness Competitor

Kristy’s passion for people and fitness led to a career in personal training as well as her first Network Marketing company. Within the first year, she attained a free car and created her first six-figure income. A former FORD model for over nine years, today Kristy loves transforming lives as a coach to the MFIT Challenge.

Jennifer Winder

ketogenic expert, Author, and Keto Chef

Jennifer fell in love with cooking when 4 years old. Since then she has managed three commercial kitchens and currently runs her own catering business. Jennifer specializes in creating simple delicious ketogenic meals that anyone can make and enjoy.

Dr Stephen Talcott

Professor of Food Chemistry, Muscadine health expert

Dr. Talcott’s expertise is in plant phytochemicals and their impact on our daily lives. He works primarily with fruit polyphenolic antioxidants for human health and their stability during processing, digestion, and absorption. Dr. Talcott teaches courses in Food Chemistry at Texas A&M University and has published over 100 articles on the quality and health benefits of fruits, vegetables and 15 articles on the muscadine grape.

Success in this business requires hard work, dedication and good sales skills. The average participant in this business earns between $500 and $2,000 per year. Some earn less while some earn much more. Please see full income disclosure statement for more information. (include link to full income disclosure statement)